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A month in beautiful Bora Bora, Tahiti




Our Accommodation: St. Regis Bora Bora


All set to snorkel Bora Bora’s largest coral reef

Tahiti, a million times over has been named ‘the pearl of the pacific’. Since I was a young girl I have had Bora Bora in particular at the top of my bucket list. From the picturesque waters, to the postcard worthy natural beauty of the island, Bora Bora is the perfect place for adventure seekers, honeymooners, and even single beach gals like myself who are so eager to see more of the great big blue. From the second you land here, you want to cry. It is just like never never land from Disney’s Peter Pan. As your flight descends down through a thin layer of clouds, your eyes will be fixated out the window absorbing every second, living each moment 100% in the now. You’ll see a slight change in the water’s depth and then out of nowhere you will see massive fringe reefs, as far as the eye can see. While secretly snapping images on my phone, the lady in cabin crew offers everyone on board mango aand guava juice or champagne. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t drink alcohol so mango tango time it was for me.

Throughout my time here in Bora Bora I was fortunate enough to meet some of the locals who offered to take me around the island in their camo Jeep Wrangler. I then was able to spend the evening at their family home and enjoy their traditional Tahitian dance ceremony before the big birthday buffet began. I couldn’t believe how welcoming this couple was towards me. It was their grandfathers 90th birthday and there where so many people at his home all of which where soaking up the same family-loving, relaxed vibes. It couldn’t have been a warmer welcome! I especially enjoyed listening to everyone speaking a mixture of French, English and traditional Tahitian, eating their locally caught seafoods and home-cooked meals whilst listening to some of the most relaxing music. I clearly remember escaping the hustle of the party and laying on the giant trampoline that was right by the coral shore, staring up into the sky and watching the stars. I was in awe that I had finally made it here. It was a dream come true.

Eating at world famous restaurants which where filled with honeymooners and the odd celebrity, to grabbing a french crepe from one of the many children scooting around on tricycles with backpacks of snacks above the pot-hole filled roads was the normal way to eat as a tourist here. I was surprised to see how big the economic gap was even here in paradise. I always envisioned Bora Bora as the ultimate luxurious destination. Which of course it was, I just was in no way shape or form notified that gigantic mud crabs would scurry all over the roads at dusk and dawn back and forth into mangrove filled mud planes, nor did I know about the stacks of stray kittens and puppies.  The snorkelling and scuba diving around Bora Bora and the surrounding islands such as Huahine and the Tuamotos is definitely outstanding and is still ranked as the second best place I have been diving. The colours of the coral where superb, vibrant fuschia fan corals, cobalt blue sea-stars, turtles, rays and sharks where all spotted on our daily dives. I even was able to feed a Moray Eel, of which I later discovered was an insanely stupid thing to do as their teeth are definitely sharp enough to give you a souvenir that will last longer than a postcard. I am excited to save up all of my money for the next half a year and purchase a sailboat for a ’round the world voyage’. I most certainly will be adding Tahiti to the list as I truly do miss the atmosphere of this absolutely beautiful place, just as I miss walking back to my hotel on the balmy summer nights and collecting guavas and bananas from the trees that would fringe the narrow winding roads that hug the islands shore. Tahiti you are already missed, and I will definitely be back soon for more sun filled adventures.

Welcome to 365 Days of Wandering!

Welcome to all you beautiful individuals who have wandered over to my new blog!
365 Days of Wandering. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Aquila and I tend to think of myself as a bit of a gypsy.

Okay, so that is a huge understatement; I live out of a suitcase as a model and blogger. After an eventful 2014, I found myself pondering over my next New Years resolution. I wanted it to be a challenge, yet still realistic. How many of us have fallen into the trap of gorging on a family size block of chocolate a mere four days into the new “I gave up chocolate” year?… yeah, far too many! Which is why I wanted to do something that invigorates my soul and hopefully inspires people from all over the globe to do something awesome every single day of the year. This was my promise to myself, and also to you. I document everything daily on my Instagram account: @aquila_b by utilising the hashtag #365daysofwandering and will post weekly summaries, photographs, videos and images to this space. I’m looking forward to an action packed year filled with everything from coral cays, cliff jumping, scuba diving with whales right through to romantic vineyards, high fashion brands and fashion parades, to luxurious travel accommodations around the globe. Happy New Year!